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    Medical air mattress


    1.  the patient must remain flat during the transfer.

    2.  as far as possible to transfer patients from high to low

    3. The air cushion is placed down the patient and the patient is secured with a seat belt.

    4.  the power cord is plugged into the socket,

    5. Connect the air pump hose to the air inlet of the air cushion.

    6. Place the air cushion as flat as possible on the bed and step on the brakes under the bed.

    7. Select the inflation speed according to the size of the air cushion.

    8. Press “Standby” to deflate the mattress.


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    Hangzhou Jiakai Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. started in 2015, mainly produces disposable bed shifting air mattresses for patients and medical work clothes, masks, first aid kits, etc. The company has a dust-free production workshop with an annual output of 600,000 square meters. The production capacity of a set of air mattresses. The company is located at No. 287, Hongda Road, Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It is about 10 kilometers away from Xiaoshan International Airport and about 15 kilometers away from downtown Hangzhou. The surrounding highways such as Shanghai Hangyong, Hangwen, Hangjin and Hangxinjing are all around. With access port, the company covers an area of 16,000 square meters, and the existing building is 13,000. It has good medical equipment production conditions. The company always aims to create wealth, repay the society and serve the society, and actively and effectively implement modern enterprise management. Become a leader in the domestic medical device industry

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