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Coco mattress and spring mattress which is better Date:2019-04-09

Beds are important for people. After all, one third of their lives are spent in bed, so choosing the right mattress is very important. Let's talk about coco mattress and spring mattress. Which is better?

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1. Coir mattress is a representative of a plant fiber mattress, the raw material used is the coconut fiber on the surface of the coconut shell. A mattress formed by crimping or manually weaving a machine and laminating together with a layer of latex. Compared to traditional spring mattresses, coir mattresses are characterized by natural breathability and moisture wicking.

At the same time, the coir mattress can be called a mattress with numerous coconut threads interwoven, which makes the coir mattress have the corresponding characteristics of ventilation and drainage, but also have certain elasticity. But coir mattresses are not suitable for the elderly and those who are heavier. The main reason is that the hard mattress surface is easy to oppress or damage these two groups of people. However, the coir mattress is very suitable for children to ensure the child's spine development.

2. Spring mattress

For spring mattresses, many people sneer at it. Because many people think that the spring mattress is not easy for the human spine and bone growth and development. Especially for children who are in the growth stage, they should sleep on a hard bed instead of a soft spring mattress. In fact, this is a prejudice against spring mattresses.

After all, the spring mattress is the earliest invented mattress. Nowadays, the craftsmanship is very perfect, and because of the characteristics of the spring, the spring mattress is a very suitable mattress for the waist, neck and people with heavy weight. A good spring mattress with hundreds of sets of springs can perfectly support the person's force point and ensure even pressure support. At the same time, due to the spring characteristics of the spring mattress, the breathability of the mattress is unmatched by other mattresses.

However, it should be noted that the spring mattress has strong air permeability, and if the water vapor accumulated in the mattress cannot be effectively discharged from the mattress, the spring will be corroded. Not only will it affect the life of the mattress, but it will also affect the flatness of the mattress. Therefore, when using a spring mattress, be sure to remove all the plastic protective film of the mattress to avoid affecting the ventilation of the mattress.

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