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5 purchase suggestions for medical mattresses Date:2019-04-09

Nowadays, many people pay attention to health and health products are endless. Medical mattresses are more economical and practical. There are many kinds of medical mattresses on the market, and it is difficult to distinguish. Coco and mountain brown are very similar. The price of mountain brown is good, so many bad manufacturers use coconut palm to pretend to be brown. When you buy, you must distinguish them. Below, Xiaobian introduces 5 purchase suggestions for medical mattresses to help you buy a suitable medical mattress.

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1, coconut palm and goat brown to distinguish. The brown mattresses on the market are divided into coconut palm and mountain brown. The two sources are different and the performance is different. The mountain brown is a sheath fiber of palm which is born in the mountain. It has strong resistance to water and corrosion, and has excellent elasticity and toughness. Coco palm refers to the peel fiber of coconut produced on the tropical coast and river bank. Its elasticity and toughness are poor. Containing sugar, generally only thick ropes, woven mats, brooms and filling materials.

2, to buy a license. There are many brands on the market that make mattresses made from mountain brown, but many of them are produced in small family-style workshops. They do not consider the elasticity, comfort, hardness and corresponding hygiene of the mattress. Claim.

3, choose a soft hardness suitable for your own mattress. If the mattress is too hard and too soft, it will cause the spine and the soft tissue in the vicinity to be excessively squeezed or twisted, hindering the normal flow of blood. Therefore, when purchasing a mattress, you should pay attention to whether the hardness of the mattress is suitable for you.

4, 12 cm mattress is more suitable. The mountain brown mattress is expensive in the production process, not the amount of raw materials. A thickness of 12 cm is the most economical option for comfort.

5. Choose fabrics based on the level of consumption you can afford. The price difference of brown mattresses of different fabrics is very different. The cheapest polyester wool is more expensive than latex foam. The average consumer can choose pure cotton fabric, which is comfortable and beautiful, and the price is not too expensive.

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