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Which brand of medical air bed is good? Date:2019-04-09

If there are patients in bed at home, I believe the doctors have suggested that the families of the patients buy a medical air bed for the patients. The medical air bed can help the patient's skin to disperse and reduce the local pressure to prevent the cells from being necrotic, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of acne. Nowadays, many medical companies are producing medical airbeds. The brands of medical airbeds on the market are endless, and various well-known and unknown brands have appeared in front of consumers. In order to prevent all family members from rushing to go to the hospital, Xiao Bian now tells you which brand of medical air bed is good.

Which brand of medical air bed is good? The Jiakai medical air bed brand is the old brand in the air bed brand, and it is the only medical air bed supplier in most hospitals in China. This medical air bed brand adopts the most advanced physiological and dynamic principles in the world. It uses the timing of two airbags to ventilate and deflate, so that the patient can achieve the effect of turning over and help blood circulation. The brand of Jiakai medical air bed is forged from imported materials, and the quality has passed the certification of the State Food and Drug Administration.

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