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Trends in sustainable plastic packaging Date:2019-04-09

In recent years, China has put forward a series of important ideas in the field of environmental protection. This shows that our environmental protection work is at a stage of historical transformation, and environmental protection has become the will of the party and the country, and environmental protection is also facing a rare development. opportunity. At present, in the face of the financial crisis, how should our country be positioned? In fact, since the beginning of this year, the leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, including the General Secretary, including the Prime Minister, have made a series of instructions. The central idea is that environmental protection can only be strengthened and cannot be relaxed.

Second, I would like to share with you the management of packaging waste from the perspective of solid waste management. The first is the management situation of solid waste in China. It should be said that our environmental protection started from the three wastes, starting with waste water, waste gas and waste residue. Solid waste management refers to waste residue and has always been an integral part of environmental protection management. At present, our country's solid waste management is facing a severe challenge. What should we say? Everyone talks about the principle of three-way waste, reduction, recycling, and harmlessness. The first is reduction. But in fact, our waste production will only increase. I have divided it here. Traditional waste, generally speaking industrial waste, including waste, and domestic waste, is a traditional waste. Under the current situation of China’s rapid economic development and the continuous improvement of the consumption level of ordinary people, there are also some non-traditional wastes, that is, more and more wastes are generated in the consumption field. Like the packaging wastes we are discussing today, Ten years ago, everyone would not regard packaging waste as a problem, because the packaging industry is not very developed, and the people do not consume much of this kind of consumption, so there is no such problem. Including the current e-waste, including scrap cars and waste tires, are generated during the consumption process. I have been working in the field of waste for ten years, and now I have a professional problem and see everything like waste. As for the microphone in front of me, it may take ten years to become a waste. It doesn't take ten years for a computer to be a waste. After three years, it will become waste. The bridge building may actually have a longer life span, but it is also a hundred years old. It may be a hundred years later. It will become a waste, so construction waste is also a big problem.

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